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chromium coffee

A chemist, an engineer, and an environmentalist walk into a bar… just kidding, it was a coffee shop!

Chromium coffee was born at 2 AM inside a crowded college dorm by 3 decaffeinated students studying for their finals. We strive to create the best-tasting, highest-quality, chemically pure coffee while also remaining committed to building a more sustainable future. Chromium is all about creating an atmosphere of acceptance, cooperation, and commitment through the world’s favorite early-morning beverage.

To all the coffee-lovers, midterm-studiers, midnight-grinders, caffeine-connoisseurs, morning-roasters, underappreciated-teachers, and everyone in between, welcome to the caffeination-nation, the roastess-with-the-mostest, the Chromium Family!


I started Chromium Coffee with the goal of producing tasty, high quality coffee while also supporting where it came from. If you’d like to learn more about Chromium Coffee or place an order for yourself, visit our website!