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about me


My experience in Java, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, SQL, and R have allowed me to develop unique projects such as webapps, plugins, visualizations, and interfaces. My wide-ranging knowledge of computer science, mathematics, and statistics have allowed me to develop technological solutions and/or optimizations to many parts of my life.


For over half a decade, I’ve been creating visual products for both personal and clientele use including animations, motion graphics, vector illustrations, portrait photographs, and carefully rendered data visualizations. I aim to utilize data to derive key insights which can be displayed visually for optimal understanding and comprehension.


As a freshman in college, I founded an environmentally friendly coffee company that aims to support its farmers in Latin America. In addition, I have worked with artists from all over the world to record, produce, engineer, release, and promote my music brand and record label which has clocked over 250,000 streams wordwide.